Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Few Quotes And More...

If you haven't noticed yet, it has been a really long time since I posted anything to this blog. For the most part I have abandoned this blog in order to work on a new blogging project:

A few quotes and a whole lot more...
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogroll: Reformation Theology

Although it is certainly inexcusable, it is nevertheless to be expected that the world, lying in the power of Satan, should take offense at the doctrines of God’s free and sovereign grace in the gospel. But it is even less excusable, and certainly less understandable, that among professing evangelicals, the same sort of reaction is likely to occur. True, evangelical Christians dress up their objections in different ways, viewing them as a vindication of God’s character, or even as an adherence to biblical truths; but the plain fact of the matter is that anyone whose eyes have been opened by the Spirit to understand the scriptures, if he is honest in his pursuit of biblical teaching, must admit that such foundational gospel principles as election are shouted in the clearest of terms throughout the entire gamut of scripture. Hence, those Christians who are opposed to the doctrines (due to natural human ways of thinking), tend for the most part to skirt over exegetical and textual arguments, and immediately bring to bear certain logical arguments against the doctrines of Calvinism.

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Daily Prayers: April 11th

I pray to you, O Lord, to give me a ready sympathy with others, that I may look at things from their standpoint and see myself as they see me.

Source: "Daily Prayers" by F.B. Meyer

C. Matthew McMahon: Modern Day Heresy

The system of doctrine known as Arminianism is heresy. It is an offshoot from Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism. It has been adversely affecting the church and its doctrine for over 250 years. Men like Finney and Wesley, being the charismatic personalities they were, propagated the doctrine and resurrected the Pelagian error from the pit of hell once again to persecute the church of Christ. Today’s Arminians are not necessarily the same caliber as those of old. Historic Arminianism is altogether heretical. However, contemporary Arminianism is often confusing; it melds together a number of different theological ideas to come up with a theological “soup”. -C. Matthew McMahon